Electronic Credentials Delivery for COREN


ETX.NG provides encryption of electronic transcripts and credentials orginating from academic institutions in Nigeria and securely delivers directly to COREN. Our transcript service is cheaper, faster and even more secure that courier options.

Applicants Information:

Option 1: Delivery Servce Only: Our function here is similar to that of UPS or DHL but for electronic transcripts. In this service, you will be required to facilitate the request of your transcript yourself and directly with your school. When your transcript is ready, your school will deliver it directly via this portal to COREN using your reference number.

Option 2: Request & Delivery Service: This is where we manage the transcipt request and facilitate the delivery on your behalf with your academic instituion. You sit back and we work on your behalf end to end.

Whichever option you select and as long as you opt for electronic delivery to COREN, you will be required to complete applicable forms. Select forms below based on your selected option.

Academic Institutions Information:

All electronic academic record deliveries to COREN must be initiated by the applicant by completing and submitting an Electronic Delivery Request Form via ETX.NG. Use the "Direct Delivery Number" printed on the form to upload and deliver the transcripts by clicking on the link below. Actual deliveries must be done by an authorized person from your academic institution.