Delivery of Electronic Records from Nigeria

Thank you for selecting the electronic delivery option to WES

ETX.NG provides encryption of electronic transcripts and credentials orginating from academic institutions in Nigeria and securely delivers directly to WES. Our electronic transcript delivery service is cheaper, faster and even more secure than courier options.

Electronic Academic Transcripts:

ETX-NG acts as a electronic transcript exchange for the secure delivery of electronic transcripts from tertiary institutions in Nigeria to WES (World Education Services). You can view details of the option on the WES website by going to

In this service, you have two options:

Option 1: Delivery Service Only: In this service, you will be required to facilitate the request of your transcript yourself and directly with your school. Your institution will generate the transcripts as they normally would; but rather than package it for courier delivery, ETX-NG will send a DDR Number and dedicated link to your school where they would then upload a scanned copy of the transcript via The electronic transcript your school uploads will be encrypted and securely delivered to WES after which its destroyed.

Option 2: Request & Delivery Service: This is where we manage the transcipt request and facilitate the delivery on your behalf whilst working with your academic instituion. You sit back and we work on your behalf end to end; however, it should be noted that ETX.NG does not generate academic records and cannot influence the speed at which your transcripts are generated as this is a function of your school.

Whichever option you select and as long as you opt for electronic delivery to WES, you will be required to complete applicable forms. Select forms below based on your selected option