Request for Electronic Transcripts from University Of Abuja

ETX-NG Exchange

Request for your academic transcripts online from uniabuja via the ETX-NG network and have it securely delivered electronic or courier to any destination worldwide.

Select any of our services:

  1. Request & Delivery: This is where we manage the entire transcript request and facilitate the delivery on your behalf whilst working with University Of Abuja
  2. Delivery Only: In this service, you will be required to facilitate the request of your transcript yourself and directly from University Of Abuja. We will then do the delivery when ready.
  3. Unofficial Personal: Request and receive an unofficial personal copy of your transcripts directly from University Of Abuja and delivered into your email box for your personal use.
  4. Request & Store – E-Transcript Wallet: Request and hold your official electronic transcript in the electronic storage wallet for easier retrieval and faster delivery whenever needed.