Electronic Academic Records Request Forms

University Of Benin - School of Postgraduate Studies

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Direct Delivery Description

Electronic Academic Records Request Forms

This form is provided to facilitate the release of electronic version of your academic records directly by your academic institution. You are responsible for contacting your academic institution directly to request your records yourself or you can use our request services.

To enable electronic delivery of your electronic academic records directly from your academic institution:

  1. Complete the forms below. You must include your Uniben PG Application reference number.
  2. Once completed, you will receive a “Direct Delivery Request” confirmation from ETX.NG with your submitted details and delivery instructions.
  3. Submit the “Delivery request confirmation you receive from ETX.NG to the academic institution records department you selected. It will also be automatically sent.
  4. Your academic institution will prepare your academic records and follow the instructions on the delivery request confirmation to deliver electronic versions of your academic records.
  5. All electronic deliveries should be initiated via https://send.etx.ng which ensures that all academic institutions in Nigeria are subject to verification and validation

Direct Delivery Requirements
Credential Box Product Required
Electronic Academic Transcripts Academic Transcripts Yes
Direct Delivery Request Forms